About Us

“We are here to create a deep connection between driver and vehicle, to create the ultimate Human Machine Interface (HMI)”


how We Started

Since it’s conception in 1998, Hanhwa Hightech Co.Ltd has become one of the leading names in automotive electronics manufacturing, the world over.

With chief headquarters in Korea and additional bodies in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand, HANHWA has been able to partner with majority of leading OEM manufacturers.


What We Are Doing

Components manufacturing and supply.

Product engineering and development. Entered the OEM supply chain through Japan

Over the years, established a presence through distribution channels in Oceania, the Middle East and Europe.

HANHWA is now positioned at the forefront of our products, customers, future development and expansion.


Where We Are Heading

Fatigue Management Integration.

Drive Safety Features and Equipment: intelligent ADAS systems, Turning Assist, Electronic Mirrors to name a few.

Electric Vehicle Product Testing, Development and Deployment.

Power Take-off (PTO) integration and External Control And Alerts

Utilise the benefit of In-House Telematics to provide added value

Integration, Integration, Integration: the more subsystems and alerts we provide, the more important it is to integrate them into one cohesive system.


We always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients and to have fun while doing all this.